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CHM-107 Lab: Chemistry & Society, Home Page for Lab

Getting Started and Checking on Progress

Click above link to see if your lab assignments have been received and graded.


  See some past CHM107 students doing the labs.
Ken Costello
(480) 202-2993
See some photos of instructor doing history of chemistry presentation.
Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Form
Review form by following link above. Sign form at time you pick up kit.
  There is no lab workbook to buy for this class. You can save that money for the kit.


Assignments and Tutorials for CHM-107 LAB

First task is to review syllabus of CHM-107 LAB

Second task is to answer key questions regarding syllabus for lab and email answers to

Safety Tutorial: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) signs, and safety information about chemicals in your Chemistry Kit.
Safety Quiz: Answer these questions regarding Safety Tutorial and email answers to instructor.

Air We Breathe

Experiment #2: Sampling car exhaust and detecting water vapor & carbon dioxide.

Experiment #3: Detecting ozone in indoor and outdoor air.

Carbon dioxide

Experiment #4: Biodiesel purification.

biodiesel  wash

Experiment #5: Detection of carbon dioxide as it becomes carbonic acid in water.

coral reef
Experiment #6: Energy Conversions & Waste Heat
Experiment #7: Testing Energy Efficiency of Light Sources
Experiment #8: UV detection and UV absorption
Testing Water and Soil Experiment #9: Tap Water Testing

Experiment #10: Making a pH indicator solution from red cabbage pigment

Quiz for Experiment #10

Experiment #11: Testing water filters.

Experiment #12: Creating a combination filter.

Quiz for Experiment #12

Experiment #13: Soil Testing
Science Magician
Experiment #14: Slime from polyvinyl alcohol
Experiment #15: Instant snow and soil from sodium polyacrylate.
Experiment #16: Fireproofing fireman in paper suit

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