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Below are some questions regarding the Syllabus for CHM-107LL (Lab)

Copy the questions below (highlight the text, then press the CTRL key plus "c", or use the Edit menu at top and choose "Copy")

In your email program start composing an email and paste the questions to your email (use CTRL-V to paste or use Edit menu and choose "Paste"). You can then answer them in your email and send it to chm107@chemistryland.com.

Question 1: Is this kit available at the Phoenix College bookstore?


Question 2: One of the chemicals in the kit is borax. Do a search for borax in one of your favorite search engine programs (Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc.). Give a short description of what you found.


Question 3: In labs on campus, children and pets are not allowed, so they don't pose a problem. But for the labs you do at home, your children or pets might be around. So what will you do to make sure they don't get hurt by something in the chemistry kit or get hurt when you are doing your experiments?


Question 4: Does the syllabus for the lab have all the details for doing the experiments?


Question 5: Will you have to buy some additional chemicals to do the experiments? If you do have to buy some items, name one or two.


Question 6: In one lab, I'm hoping you have either a blender or a small fan. Tell me if you have one or both of these items.


Question 7: The syllabus says that you need access to a digital camera so you can take pictures of the lab and yourself doing the lab. Can you tell me what brand and model camera that you have access to?


Question 8: In one lab, you will make your own miniature water softener. Does your residence already use a water softener?


Question 9: Is there a lab book to purchase? If not, where will you get your instructions for doing the labs?


Thanks for doing the assignment. Send me your answers. If you have questions about these questions, let me know.