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The following menu has links to tutorials that give additional help for the Labs in CHM151 lab
Lab 2: Density of a Liquid
Lab 3: Identification of an Unknown Liquid
Lab 4: Percent Strontium Chloride in a Mixture
Lab 5: Synthesis of Aspirin
Lab 6: Identification of Unknown Ions
Lab 7: Acid-Base Titrations
Lab 8: A Cycle of Copper Reactions
Lab 9: Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid
Lab 10: Molar Volume of a Gas & the Percent KClO3 in a Mixture
Lab 11: Calorimetry: Heat of Neutralization & Hess's Law
Lab 12: Hydrogen Emission Spectrum & Bohr's Model
Lab 13: VESPR & Molecular Models
Lab 14: Synthesis of Alum & the Growth of Crystals
Lab 15: Weight Percent of Copper & the Molar Mass of a Copper Salt
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