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One problem that has been solved but causes the many environmental problems we face now is the following.
Problem #1
We want a multitude of products that are cheap and readily available.
Places like Wal*Mart show the demand for lots of cheap products available 24 hours a day.
SOLUTION: Mass Production

Mass produce everything in factories by using available chemical resources (oil, coal, gas, nuclear) for energy and readily available chemicals as starting materials.  To keep prices low, keep productivity at maximum and avoid anything costly.  Distribute products via vehicles that also consume chemical fuels.  Consumers can also drive to stores to buy these products often.  For agricultural products, also strive for maximum production using whatever chemicals supports production.

Impact on society:  We are all materially very wealthy.  Owning many more things than our ancestors ever dreamed of.  Because of mass production of food products, we also have access to more food than our ancestors ever dreamed of.
AIR POLLUTION: One of the negative consequences for using mass production

Burning of fuels to provide energy for factories has created air pollution. 

Huge volume of products overload nature's ability to clean itself.

The distribution of products have filled our highways and streets with trucks that also pollute our environment.   Driving to stores has also done added to pollution.

Large scale mining helps produce air pollution.

Left background is the brown air of Phoenix. The mine is Morenci mine 50 miles east of Phoenix. Pollution from mine has lessened dramatically since the 80's.

Chapter in textbook that covers the chemistry principles involved in air pollution:

Chapter 1:  “The Air We Breathe”

Misconceptions about Air
Composition of clean air
• Atoms and molecules

• Formulas and Chemical Names

• Chemical reactions

• Combustion

• Air pollutants. 

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