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CHEMISTRY: It's all about building blocks.

With the millions of different chemicals and the complexity of living things, chemistry can be overwhelming. However, it is comforting to know that it all happens from simple building blocks.

But even simple building blocks, like Legos, can create some complex shapes.

We don't normally consider dominoes as building blocks, but they can be. Let's see what they can make...

Yes, with enough of these simple dominoe building blocks, complex shapes can be made. The lesson is even though the world seems complex, on closer scrutiny, you will find those simple building blocks .
The skyline of a city like Houston reveals a multitude of buildings, but they are all built from just a few building materials- glass, steel, concrete, plastic, and bricks.
To illustrate how chemistry is all about building blocks, we will attempt to make a cake from scratch. Totally from scratch. The only starting ingredient we have is ENERGY!
Somehow we need energy to turn into particles. But is that even possible?
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