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Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
Author: Tro
1st Edition: pages 44-56
2nd Edition: pages 42-54

3rd Edition: pages 44-59
An Introduction to the Periodic Table
Author: Tro
1st Edition: pages 57-66
2nd Edition: pages 54-63
3rd Edition: pages 61-68
Naming Simple Compounds
Author: Tro
1st Edition: pages 92-100
2nd Edition: pages 84-97 in Chapter 3

3rd Edition: pages 90-106 in Chapter 3
Points of Interest
Author: Tro
Chemistry in your day: Atoms and Humans
1st Edition: page 51
2nd Edition: page 49
3rd Edition: page51

If you want some drill and practice for naming inorganic compounds, below are some links that you can visit.  Note:  I'm not sure if all of these links will be valid at the time you try to use them.

For the below page, click the "C" button to check your answer.  It will put in equal signs "=" where the name is incorrect.  So erase the equal signs and try again.

The one below is much more difficult, but you can still learn from it.

This is multiple choice and looks pretty good.  These are for metals with a fixed charge so there are no Roman numerals. The rules are given too.

This is multiple choice and looks pretty good.  These are for metals with variable charge so there are Roman numerals.  The rules are given.