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Measurement and Problem Solving
Textbook Readings


Uncertainty in Measurement & precision/accuracy

This section in the textbook talks about the difference between measurements that have good precision versus those that have good accuracy or those that have neither or both.

Author: Tro
First Edition: pages 22-27

Second Edition: pages 22-26

Third Edition: pages 25-28

The textbook has a certain way of doing conversions and solving math problems, but I don't use their methods.  You will find my method of doing it reinforced in the tutorials and in the problems I give in Sapling Learning.  I think my method is more powerful and more logical.  Just like any approach, it takes some time to get acquainted with the technique.

Classification of Matter
Physical & Chemical Properties
Physical & Chemical Changes

This section in the textbook talks about the how to determine if a sample is a mixture, solution, compound, or element.   It also talks about what are physical properties and chemical properties, plus how to recognize a physical change versus a chemical change.

In the picture, the man is using a sluice to separate gold from a mixture of sand and water.  That involves knowing the physical properties of sand and gold and doing physical changes to extract the gold.

Author: Tro
1st Edition: Page 7-15
2nd Edition: pages 5-13

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