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Building Blocks Reading Assignment

11th edition

12th edition

13 edition
13th edition

14th edition
14th edition
15th edition
15th edition

Instructions are given for all of the above editions.

You'll find that textbooks will often mention names or formulas for substances in their questions but not say what that substance is. You'll find that I want you to look up what they are talking about. Being at the computer, it's easy to do that.

periodict tables

Be sure to go through my online tutorial of "Classifying: Calming the Chaos" first.
I find it interesting that the 11th edition had the same idea I had about chaos. Here is a quote from that textbook. It's the first two sentences of Chapter 3.

"Throughout our lives, we seek to bring order into the chaos that surrounds us. To do this we classify things according to similarities."

Chapter 3: Elements and Compounds:
11th Edition, p44-60
12th Edition, p47-60

13th Edition, p43-55
14th Edition, p44-56
15th Edition, p48-63

Read the whole chapter. Much is covered in my online tutorial, but there are some additional information here.

Percent distribution of Elements:
11th Edition, section 3.5, pg 49-51:
12th Edition, section 3.2, pg. 49-50
13th Edition, section 3.2, pg. 45-46
14th Edition, section 3.2, pg. 46-47
15th Edition, section 3.1, pg 50-51

These pages are covered in the reading of the whole chapter, but reread these few pages again. I make reference to them in the quiz.

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