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Phoenix Area (and beyond) Biodiesel Interest Group
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On May 28th, our first meeting was held at Naples Ristorante in Chandler. The owner, Sophia, is a proponent of biodiesel and has donated her restaurant's used cooking oil to one of valley's individuals who makes biodiesel for his two cars.

Ken setup the equipment he and Jerry use for a small scale (half gallon) production of biodiesel. They believe the best way to start is to start small, so you can first learn the process before making large batches.

If you have help from someone that has been doing large batches, then you may want to start with a larger production.

Ken is almost ready to begin his demonstration. Jerry first gave a talk about how he contacted people through a forum and then scheduled the meeting.

The first part of the meeting was videotaped by Channel 3.

Here are some of the attendees. (once I get the sign-in roster, I can give names).

Before Ken and Jerry talked, Jerry passed out a survey to assess what people wanted to get out of this interest group.
Many discussed their experiences with biodiesel and what they wanted to learn about it. In the picture below are Lawrence (back left), Zane (back right), Norbert (front left) and Larry (front right).
       Since November Lawrence and Zane have made about 700 gallons of biodiesel for the three trucks they use. They live in Safford and have even learned what to do with biodiesel when the weather gets cold. Zane says they make 15 gallon batches of biodiesel, which is manageable for their setup. Of the individuals who attended the meeting, they had the most experience.
       Norbert drives an H1 Hummer with a diesel engine. He only fills it with biodiesel, which quiets the Hummer critics. He buys the biodiesel at Western States Petroleum Inc at 450 S. 15th Ave.  He's interested in participating in a co-op that produces biodiesel.
Larry teaches biology at Mesa Community College and has followed the topic of biodiesel for quite some time. In front of him you can see several books. He talked about the ones that he thinks would be the most beneficial. Larry wishes to have a demonstration vehicle for both biodiesel and straight vegetable oil. He's considering a diesel Mercedes. His family has a farm back in the mid-west, which he thinks would be ideal for setting up biodiesel facility to serve farmers in the area.
(More to come)

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